Single Use plastics



Plastics and more to the point "single use plastics"(SUP) are one of the biggest problems our species created. Single use plastics started the throw away culture that exists today. Our oceans are littered with these and they are rarely recycled which means they mosly end up in landfills.  We are seeking a ban on all single use plastics. Currently plastic bags are banned in several US states. California has passed a SUP ban law however the problem is so large we need far more action to move the needle on this issue.


A few ugly facts you need to know


-Almost all the plastic produced since its inception still exists unless it has been incinerted. 

-Americans consume over 150 plastic bottles per person per year. 

-5 trillion plastic shopping bags are produced yearly worldwide. 

-500 billion plastic cups are sold yearly worldwide.

-Plastics dumped in landfills break down into tiny toxic particles that contaminate the soil and waterways and enter the food chain.


The facts go on and on. Every person needs to acknowledge the problem. Even without legislation individuals need to stop buying these products. 

Replacement options exist for all single use plastics.


We are celebrating companies who are producing alternative choices and will continue promoting the need to stop all SUP use.