About us

Our mission

Planet Blue Tribe's mission is to to reduce global warming and fight climate change.  We believe education is the base for all change. Our tribe is growing and want to spread the word of conservation and caring for our natural world.


Our founders are Anthony and Sarah Bakx. While living on the Gulf of Mexico they noticed how much plastic was floating in the waters in around their home base in Florida. They joined local beach cleanup efforts and while cruising on the waters scooped up trash that was floating nearby. This was the start of the passion for change particulary with plastics and the founding of the non profit group that is planet blue tribe.


Climate change has brought to light the many ways humans have caused harm to the planet and wildlife.  Knowing we cannot tackle every issue we have settled on 4 main areas that we are pushing for change on. Plastic pollution, Fishing bycatch, Fishing pollution and Animal agriculture. In addition we support and promote all local cleanup efforts. Lastly and equally important to the cause is education which we believe is the base for all change particully at the youth level.