What's new?

planet blue tribe is currently working with legislators pushing for change in the fishing industry. Fishing pollution is widespread which is killing many sea species including sea turtles,Sharks and Dolphins. We are asking for education and monitoring so outdated practices in the fishing industry can be addressed.

What we offer

planet blue tribe offers interested tribe members a way to be part of the change in order to stop and reverse the growing climate and pollution problem caused by 100 years of industry. We educate where we see opportunity. We work with locally agencies to assist and place pressure on private and public entities that are moving in the wrong direction in the climate crises.

Latest projects

planet blue tribe is currently working with agencies to push for advances in  fishing techniques to reduce bycatch.  Millions of sea creatures die needlessly each year due to literally being caught in a net not meant for them.

Fundraising and awareness

Culture Sharks.

Defenders of the Ocean 

Culture Sharks is an NFT project that will offer subscribers an opportunity to participate in saving our oceans. The Culture Shark project is 100% controlled by planetbluetribe and will be released on the Polygon blockchain. NFT's are a fantastic fun way to help with your favorite causes and we believe Culture Sharks will offer the owner much pleasure being a part of the solution. Release date is TBD at this time. You can also follow Culture Sharks on Twitter and on the dedicated Culture Sharks site